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 Artist and member Delma Tayer

We are a local volunteer-based nonprofit organization that empowers members to continue living at home. Our goal is to improve the experience of aging by creating programs, friendships and services that support independence and connection to the community.



YSNN volunteers are generous people of all ages who are willing to use their passions and skills to help members remain independently in their home as they age!

Do you have a true passion to help others and want to become a YSNN volunteer?

Download/print and complete the Volunteer application and call 509-853-1917.

*You will be asked to provide information for a criminal background check.

Print and Keep Volunteer Handbook for orientation.
Volunteer Handbook

What do volunteers do?

Phone calls to say hello and check in

Ride to appointments

Light gardening- move the hoses

Change high up light bulbs

Help with making the bed

Grocery deliveries

Pick-up prescriptions

Restaurant food pickup

Walking buddy

Help with smart phones and computers

Help the YSNN with events and potlucks

Help with outreach for YSNN


Interested persons are encouraged to call the office to discuss the program with the Program Manager. Applicants will be expected to complete an application form, available from the website or can be mailed, and must be officially accepted and enrolled by the Program Manager or Board member before performing any volunteer tasks.

The Program Manager or board member will interview applicants to determine their qualifications, interests, and availability and answer any questions they may have about the program.

Orientation and training
Volunteers will attend an orientation and be trained in the field before they are asked to volunteer. Further opportunities for training and yearly trainings may be required.

Volunteers will be asked to accept assignments that coincide with their particular interests and abilities, as well as match the needs of the organization and its members. Volunteers are free to discuss a change in assignment at any time they feel a change is necessary or desirable.

Special-Case Volunteers
For special projects and activities, as deemed appropriate by the Program Manager and Board Members, YSNN may accept volunteers participating in student community-service activities, Scout projects, student intern projects, church/synagogue groups, and corporate volunteer programs. In these cases, an agreement must be made with the organization, school, or program that identifies responsibility for the care, management, and recognition of the volunteers. 

Background Checks
All YSNN staff and volunteers are required to pass an official background check. YSNN currently uses Washington State Patrol for this purpose. The reports are stored securely at the YSNN office (without Social Security numbers). All volunteers may request a copy of their own report.

Call to schedule 

We appreciate our business sponsors and the grants we have received.

Yakima and Selah Neighbors' Network
PO Box 11691 Yakima, WA 98909

Yakima & Selah Neighbors' Network is a part of the national village movement | YSNN is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501 C (3) of the us internal revenue code. villages are not places but carefully planned networks | to learn more visit the village-to-village network website: