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Yakima and Selah Neighbors’ Network
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Yakima and Selah Neighbors’ Network:
February 2019 UPDATE

The second C&C, was held in Selah at Nana Kate’s on Tuesday, February 19.  It was a great success.  There were eight participants, more than double the number attending our first C&C. The site was very inviting, as the conversations at the table were easy to hear, not to mention that there was delicious food available to those who wanted some lunch.  

Everyone there had a great time and talked about attending the next C&C at The Newsroom on February 28.   We discussed having a topic for our discussions, one that would be of interest to many and encourage people to attend  That theme will soon appear on this web site.  Some also  expressed interest in being able to connect between the C&C gatherings.  

  February 28, 1:00 pm - C&C will be at the Newsroom
at Chalet  Plaza at 56th and Summitview


  • We have begun training volunteers and providing services to a few early members. We are working our way toward a spring launch of full services to members.  
  • If you aren’t sure whether you are on our Volunteer list, email your interest at

  • We are looking for a part-time paid program manager.  If you know someone who might be interested, have them contact our office. 


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Yakima and Selah Neighbors’ Network
PO Box 11691, Yakima, WA 98909

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(509) 853-1917