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Artist Delma Tayer-YSNN Founding Member

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Welcome to Yakima and Selah Neighbors' Network (YSNN)


Member and volunteer Survey:



A volunteer-based, non-profit organization founded to empower members of our community to continue living in our homes, where we want to be as we age.

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Our group came together because we want to stay in our own homes as we get older, and we want others in Yakima and Selah to have the option to stay in their homes and thrive.  We are creating a network to make that possible.


Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events



Member Services:

Member Application

We offer with membership and through the help of volunteers;

  • Rides to and from appointments, social activities, church, shopping.
  • Help changing a light bulb, occasional light housekeeping, flipping your mattress.
  • Meal preparation -  Did you break your arm and are finding this too difficult for a couple weeks? Maybe just need some meals ready in the freezer (food cost will be up to the member).
  • Sewing - Hems, tears, etc. 
  • Temporary yard work - for emergencies, or occasionally. Not for regular maintenance. 
  • Technology Assistance -   Cell phone questions, programming an answering machine, printer problems, or questions about a new gadget that has you stumped!
  • Help with practical concerns like household challenges, technology, transportation by screened volunteers in response to member needs.
  • Educational, personal enrichment and social activities within our network and in the community in response to member interests.


Please note: Yakima and Selah Neighbors’ Network is not an emergency service, healthcare provider, or residential facility.



 Volunteer application
Volunteers are generous people of all ages who are willing to use their passions and skills to help members remain in their homes as they age.

What do YSNN volunteers do:

Provide transportation --doctor’s appointments, grocery store.

In-home assistance –minor chores, occasional meals.

Companionship—phone checks, visits, walking partner.

Gardening advice and help –watering during absences.

Light home maintenance –turn mattresses, change smoke alarm batteries.

Social events / Educational programs- transportation to or encouraging member to go.

Office support –assist with phone calls, mailings.

Technology assistance - smart phones, TV remotes, computers, etc.

Something wonderful that none of us could have imagined or anticipated.

Every 3rd Monday of each month 1:00-2:00 pm

March 16
April 20

Interest Groups-Interests
Potluck and Ponder and other workshops and events connect us to old and new friends,  keep us engaged, and improve our quality of life.

Volunteer application


yakima and selah neighbors’ network  
po box 11691 yakima, wa 98909 | web: | email: | office message phone:  (509) 853-1917

yakima & selah neighbors’ network is a part of the national village movement. 
ysnn is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501 © (3) of the us internal revenue code.

villages are not places but carefully planned networks.

to learn more visit the village-to-village network website: